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Every other year, the spotlight shines on the SNAI National Conference, a special gathering designed exclusively for student nurses who represent the upcoming generation of nursing professionals. This conference serves as a remarkable platform, enabling student nurses to glean invaluable insights from seasoned experts in the field. The event encompasses a wide array of activities spanning the realms of professionalism, education, social and cultural interactions, as well as leisure pursuits.

These meticulously planned activities are strategically aligned to fortify both the core curriculum and supplementary learning components. The conference boasts a vibrant blend of interactive sessions, research paper presentations, sporting events, and a diverse range of cultural and educational competitions. This dynamic amalgamation of events aims to stimulate the holistic growth of student nurses.

SNAI National Conferences play a pivotal role in fostering professional development, knowledge dissemination, and camaraderie within the nursing community. These conferences highlight the commitment of SNAI to advancing nursing education, practice, and research, while also reinforcing the importance of collaboration and continuous learning in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape. As this conference continue to alternate each year, they remain integral milestones for nurturing the growth and excellence of nursing in India.

Student Nurses’ Association of India (SNAI) has completed 94 years and heading towards its centenary in 2029. Let us march forward with dedication and commitment to celebrate the centenary.

30TH SNAI BIENNIAL CONFERENCE 2023 DELHI Click for more details Click for more details




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